The Preschool Center is located at Parkston Elementary. Head Start is held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with a Head Start staff member in the classroom in addition to the lead teacher.

The Head Start teacher will visit each home and work with the parent and child for 1.5 hours twice per month.

The Parkston School District and SCCD Inc share in a partnership agreement which provides integrated head start services in the Parkston School District’s preschool program.  SCCD Inc Head Start provides a Head Start preschool teacher that works as a co-teacher in the preschool program.  Our preschool teacher also offers home visits with families every other week for students who are enrolled at the school and weekly visits for families that are only enrolled in our home base option.  The partnership is known as a Locally Designed Option which was implemented to provide parents with both a school component as well as a home visit portion.

Miss Tara is the home visitor for the Parkston area.  Children who attend preschool Tuesday and Thursday mornings will work with Miss Tara in the classroom, along with the Parkston lead preschool teacher.