Thank you for choosing our agency to provide you and your family quality children and family comprehensive services.

Your family is now part of an early childhood program that will enable you to enjoy a variety of educational activities together and to lay the foundation for successful life experiences.

Since 1986, SCCD, Inc., dedicated staff has worked successfully with thousands of children and families from many different backgrounds and who have a wide range of needs. This agency ensures that Head Start comprehensive approach enables children to learn in an environment where their development progresses at an individualized pace and includes the family as teachers. We recognize parents/guardians as a child’s first and most important teacher. One of our most important charges is to empower parents/guardians to support their children’s lifelong learning. We are committed to partnering with parents/guardians and providing an engaging and culturally diverse learning environment that supports the development of every child. We are committed to providing child-focused programs and have the overall goal of increasing school readiness for all of our children. Head Start has a long tradition of delivering high-quality services designed to foster healthy development for all children and their families. We provide many services to children, including health, nutrition, dental, social-emotional wellness, as well as services to children with special needs, and parent involvement.

This information is to help you learn a little more about our program, the different program options, how we prepare children for school, and how raising and educating children involves many individuals along the way. I hope you will see how SCCD, Inc./Head Start staff is dedicated to providing high-quality, comprehensive, early care and education programs to all of our children towards creating the future leaders of tomorrow. We hope that your time with Head Start will be a rewarding and positive life-changing experience for you and your family.

Your involvement is very important to every child’s success in the Head Start programs. The valuable opportunities they provide will help you and your family learn, achieve, and thrive.


Dr. Tamra Hummel, Executive Director