Coaching and PD diagrams

Professional Development at SCCD Inc. is a comprehensive approach focused on individualized PD for all staff.  SCCD Inc. goes above and beyond what is required by the Office of Head Start and assess both teachers and family service workers yearly.  Our program utilizes these needs assessments to create a data driven, focused professional development experience that is driven by not only data but also by the needs of all of our staff!

Reference to Coaching and PD diagrams link above to learn about our theory for growth at SCCD Inc.

The first year of employment is all about mentoring in our program.  We provide the first year teachers and family service workers with a mentor in their same career area to introduce them to SCCD Inc. our philosophy, goals, as well as Head Start Program Performance Standards and federal requirements.


After your first year of employment with SCCD Inc., teachers and family service workers participate in group coaching but also have the opportunity to participate in individual coaching.  This experience is related to a specific goal and subsequent actions steps related to that goal.